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Miscellaneous Ramblings 20/2/18

Happy Tuesday everyone! So what is happening in the world of the bookstore? Well, we have a very popular book at the moment called A Life Less Sugar. Essentially a woman lost 20kg by cutting out sugar. There was a big interview with her on Seven Sharp at 7pm which […]

16/2/18 – my birthday

Hello to you and a very happy birthday to me. Yesterday afternoon at work was one filled with wonderful customers. First, I was busy adjusting a display at the front of the store when two women walked past and stopped outside the door. I heard them saying ‘I’ll just ask,’ […]


Today is my Friday – but it’s Thursday. I am so glad to have a weekend because I’ve been working since Monday last week. Yeah, that’s 11 days in a row. Not quite sure that is legal, but when your staff don’t get out of bed until midday, you’re forced […]

About today: 14\2\18

I havn’t written in a while. But truth be told, I’ve just been too busy concentrating on writing my YA novel, and work. I was the manager of the bookstore I work at for the last month. It was fun and challenging and I really hope I can be a […]

Hello 2018!

I don’t really buy into all that new year, new me crap. But I have set myself, what I think to be, quite a tricky goal: Read 52 books in 2018. Yes, that is one a week. And when you work full time, this can be super tiring and difficult. […]