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An Ode to Churros (this has very little to do with books)

I work in a bookstore at a large mall. Today, gracefully fluttering behind a tree was a red flag. Of course it caught my attention, but it wasn’t until my co-worker pointed out that it belonged to the Toro Churro truck that I officially lost my shit.


I have a tempered relationship with churros that started back in eleventy-odd nineteen-twelve (2013). On a trip to France I treated the husband and myself to a pack of churros. They were horrible, bland, chewy, nasty excuses for churros that put me off for five years.

Then I moved to Hamilton and discovered Gourmet in the Gardens. This is the best eating arrangement EVER. There are food stalls in the gardens and you eat on the grass. That was where I met the Turo Churro team and their deliciously orgasmic churros with chocolate dipping sauce.

So of course I spent my entire day at work keeping watch on the red flag like a lion hunting its next prey. Then it rained. ‘NO!’ I cried, ‘how can a little truck of deep-fried goods survive this weather?!’ But don’t fear friends! My co-worker went out and got a giant churro stuffed with caramel sauce. He also found out that the churro truck has that site for the next two years.

Needless to say, I will be staying in my job for two years at the very minimum.

Look at this massive churro I got today:


Am I right ladies?!

Do you like churros?



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Bookstore Manager by day, reader and writer by night.
I enjoy:
reading books,
touching books,
stacking books,
writing books,
talking about books,
other people who work with books,
sniffing books and photographing books.

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