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Shouldn’t she be, like, dead?

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Cat Marnell. I cannot stop thinking about you. Your book, your life, those drugs, oh my! How is it that someone so epically fucked up has managed to squeeze their way into my daily thoughts?

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This is Cat. Incredible writer and beauty editor, but also heavily addicted to all kinds of drugs. She wrote a memoir called How To Murder Your Life. It starts with home, her dad writing her scripts for ADHD meds, then slowly Cat grows addicted to the drugs which turns into an all-out downward spiral of rape, mugging, domestic abuse, more drug abuse and ultimatly, her career as a beauty editor.

She wrote in such a gorgeous way that I became addicted to her story and her life. I loved the glamour of it, the beauty products, the writing, the trips first-class and the meetings with famous people. She was living the dream of so many of us, but at the same time was destroying it because of drugs.

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She was completly messed up. Getting kicked out of corporate events, crawling through a drug-induced daze at work yet her bosses kept giving her chance after chance, and they were right to – this memoir is epic.

I loved her massive ego, her bossy-ness and her girl-power. I hated her weakness for Marco and being an addict. It’s an odd feeling to want to hug someone and shake them by the shoulders all at once. We are all cheering for her and her success, but at the same time criticizing her for inflicting yet another round of relapse on herself.

But ask yourself this. Would we have the amazing writing from Cat today if she was sober and clean? Would she be this wild-child, rebel, utter mess of a woman if she was neat, meek and played by the rules?

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If you haven’t read this memoir, you must. It was the best I’ve read and I sure hope she writes another, but also stays clean. So I guess I don’t want her to write another? Just do you Cat, just do you.


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