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I am being super naughty

Tehehehe. This is a secret so don’t tell anyone! I am currently reading an embargoed book. Yip, a book came in on Sunday, it gets released on Friday and I couldn’t wait to read it! So I sneakily took a copy home and have been very delicately reading it.

But the real shit thing about it is that the book is not as good as what I’d hoped for. I wanted more gossip, more drama, more sex but sadly the book is lacking in all three areas. 

Part of my job as an assistant manager is to provide solid book recommendations. I just hate it when I want more from a book cause I have a hard time trying to sell it. But just between you and me, I think this book will fly off the shelves. The content is very well-known in New Zealand and I wouldn’t be surprised if we sold out.

Stay tuned to Friday’s post when I can actually reveal what I’m reading!


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Bookstore Manager by day, reader and writer by night.
I enjoy:
reading books,
touching books,
stacking books,
writing books,
talking about books,
other people who work with books,
sniffing books and photographing books.

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