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Roadshow Time!

Part of my job working in a bookstore involves going to the roadshows held by the different publishers. It’s probably the best part of my job; I get free books in the goodie bags and spend an hour getting all the info on the books being released in the upcoming season.

Last night I went to the Allen & Unwin roadshow and it was amazing! There is a new illustrated Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban coming out soon plus some incredible memoirs with gold foil on the covers. I love gold foil so much.

In my goodie bag I got 3 books: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, Indigo Storm by Fleur McDonald and The Late Show by Michael Connelly.

I was a bit cheeky and raided the goodie bag next to me and swapped one of my books for one of theirs. Tehehehe.

A few weeks back I went to the HarperCollins roadshow and got a really good goodie bag. I’m reading the one with the black cover called The Woman at the Window. It isn’t released till January but you MUST read it! I’m loving it! 

Have you been to a roadshow?


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Bookstore Manager by day, reader and writer by night.
I enjoy:
reading books,
touching books,
stacking books,
writing books,
talking about books,
other people who work with books,
sniffing books and photographing books.

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