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Book Chat – children’s books.

I have recently discovered the goldmine that is the children’s picture books section in our store. My God, those books are so good! My favourites are:


This is a New Zealand book and features a Pukeko (poo-kek-ko) who steals some gumboots and has a great day testing them out, that is, until he jumps in a pile of cow poo and gets stuck. Such a good book!


This one made me cry. Gladys goes to war and drives an ambulance for the injured soldiers. This is a story all littles girls must read – even I was like “fuck yes, girl power bitches!!” But there is also a sad part that gets you right in the feels.


This book is a staple in the New Zealand education system. Every child and adult I know has read this book. It’s quite funny, and as an adult it raises a lot of questions like ‘where is the rest of the bread?’, ‘why didn’t they just make a bunch of little sandwiches?’ and finally, ‘why is no one questioning an influx of four million bees?!’


This is one of those books that kids just laugh and laugh at. And who could blame them? The guts of the story is that his bum has a crack and therefore must be broken. He then goes through a whole bunch of new and different types of bums before discovering that it might not be broken at all. We know kids love toilet humour, so just let them have this one.


Another brilliant New Zealand book! It can be done in song, or read aloud. It starts off with seeing a donkey who has three legs, so he is a wonky donkey. Then he also has one eye, so he is a winky wonky donkey. Then he smells, so he is a stinky-dinky winky wonky donkey. You get the picture, it goes on until you have a massive collection of adjectives for this donkey. I think it is great!


Pretty much the ultimate in kids books. I met a lady who was buying it for her girls who were just about to start school. The idea was to get all your teachers to sign it every year and then when the graduate highschool, they get this book about going places and signed by about 12 years worth of teachers. Very cool.

What are your favourite books to read to children?


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  1. The first time I saw a pukeko I got so excited – wow, a real native New Zealand bird, what a find! And then I saw another one…and another one…and another one… apparently not as rare as I had imagined. 😂😂 But still a beautiful bird, and a great picture book choice!


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