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Book Chat – Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please has everything you could want from a mid-life memoir. There is the brilliant Poehler humour, life lessons, advice, honesty and embarrassing childhood stories. If you are a fan of Amy, then you will want to read this one.
She spends most of the book taking the reader on a guided tour of how she got to where she is now. This includes some behind the scenes information about Saturday Night Live as well as delightful stories of her first job as a teenager and life living in different cities in America. But with the good and humorous, you also get the bad and honest as Amy shares stories about divorce and giving birth.
But of course, with a rise to fame over a decade you are bound to meet a lot of people. And Amy met a lot of people. Sadly, this was one part of the book I did not enjoy. The constant listing of names was so tiresome it left me just wanting to scream at her to stop saying people’s names. It came across like she was bragging and showing off which pulled away from the modesty and confidence she had shown throughout the book.
What I loved the most though were the photos that Amy included. There were old school reports, photos of her as a child, working on Saturday Night Live, as well as pictures of lists and notes she had made over the years. These little insights into her life were fascinating and made me feel like I was getting to know her better.
Some of the life advice was on point. She offers great career advice by saying to “treat your career like a bad boyfriend. Your career won’t look after you. It won’t call you back or introduce you to its parents. It’s never going to leave its wife. Your career is fucking other people and everyone knows it but you.” Now that is some pretty sound advice. However, she also talks about trying to “get the pudding” where the pudding is a comedy award of some sort. We, the reader, simply can’t relate to that dire need to get an award in Hollywood. While it was light-hearten to read, it was more like a ‘yeah, okay Amy. You go get that Hollywood award while I try to decide between KFC and Pizza Hut for tea.’
By the end of this book you feel like you know Amy enough to stop her on the street and have a chat. As she takes you on her journey to fame and the struggles she endured, you feel proud and happy for her when she finally makes it. It is a light-hearten read, it is honest and a touch inspirational. A must read for all Poehler fans.
To grab Amy’s book from Book Depository, please click HERE.

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