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Working in a bookstore – Meeting authors!

Hi friends!

Working in a bookstore has its downfalls like papercuts and getting fingers jammed in between wooden shelves. But it also has its perks – big perks. Meeting authors! I was fortunate enough to meet Craig Smith, the author of the New Zealand kids book called The Wonkey Donkey. This is hands-down the best kids book around!


It is a rhyming book and a song and some books come with a CD although, from what I understand, not all of them do.

So a few weeks ago it was school holidays here, and the bookstore I work at is at a large mall. Outside my store is a massive carpark and a playground where Craig just happend to be performing his songs! He said he’d tell the kids and parents to come buy their books from our store in particular, and in return he would sign all of our stock.

So I freaked! I was going to meet Craig Smith! I had my phone in my pocket (big no no in retail) and a pile of books waiting for him to come in. And then he did.


I spent ages with him asking about his books, how he got published, how he came up with the idea and so on. It was a really awesome experience and I even got him to personalise a copy of The Wonkey Donkey with my name on it.


Now, I’m not just saying this because I got to meet Craig and he is legit a nice guy, but I really do think every child should have a copy of The Wonkey Donkey. Not only because it is funny, but because it’ll teach kids how to rhyme, how to make words form the way they want to and that you can use your imagination to create any type of donkey you want!

So please, if you get a chance you must buy this book. You can get it HERE from the Book Depository.



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