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Book Chat – Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


What first attracted me to this book was the cover. That shiney silver crown dripping in silky red blood. It screamed murder and betrayal.

I’m not a big reader of Young Adult fiction. I get frustrated with the emotions and the life or death love stories. It’s hard to feel sympathic to a teenager in love when you know how naiive you were in highschool and that once you leave, you’ll probably never talk to those people again.

But back to the Red Queen. This is the first novel in a series of three with a fourth on the way. The novel is set in modern times but in a fantasy world split between the powerful and royal Silvers and the down-trodden, poverty-stricken, working-class Reds. This is done by the colour of their blood.

The Silvers have special powers that are only passed through Silver bloodlines. They can read minds, control people, create fire or simply heal those who are sick or injured. But one day, while in the Silver castle, Mare puts on quite a performance when she creates electricity. But she is a Red, and Reds don’t have powers! Mare is suddenly stripped of her Red upbringing and labelled a lost princess, engaged to wed Prince Maven and forever being watched by all those who know who she really is. One false move and she could disappear forever. But now Mare is on the inside, and she can use her powers and her skill to defeat the Silvers and bring justice to all the souls living as Reds. It is a game of lies, betrayal, and murder.


I really enjoyed this novel. It is written in first-person which is by far my most favourite way to read novels. You can really get inside a persons head and only know as much as the author allows the character to know. You are oblivious to all the intentions of other characters so when the betrayal comes, you are just as surprised!

I loved the notion of splitting people up by blood type, and then throwing a rogue Red in the mix. I would have liked to see a bit more of the powers that the other Silvers had, and see those put to use rather than focusing on Mare’s power. I enjoyed the small love triangle between Mare and the two brothers – I felt this was the perfect amount of emotion for a highly action-packed novel and it only aided in the story-line.

My only grumble was the use of italics to show what Mare was thinking. These got a bit cheesy at times and I felt a lot of them could have been left out. As a reader, I know the character well enough to assume what she would be thinking without having to be told it.

I highly recommend this novel to teens or adults. It has some good morals thrown in and gets you hooked right from the first chapter. If you want to buy it, head to Book Depository here.




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  1. Yes, this series does have some pretty eye-catching covers! It sounds like a good story. I’ll have to ask my sister if she’s read it–she’s my go-to YA filter, being a high school student. Maybe I’ll even add it to my own TBR.


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