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Book Chat – Wonder by R.J. Palacio


When I first started working at a bookstore, a friend of mine said “you have to read Wonder.” I won’t lie, it took me four months before I picked up the book and I wish I had done it sooner.

Every single person needs to read this book. Little Auggie Pullman has “mandibulofacial dysostosis” which means he looks a lot different than your average person. He is sent off to school for the first time and we follow him on his journey through bullying, friendship break-ups, and growing up in middle school.

If you were bullied in school, prepare to re-live this horror with Auggie. Honestly, it will make you cry. These kids are so cruel, for no reason other than what he looks like. Auggie is a smart kid intellectually and street-wise, and he just knows what everyone around him is thinking. They play a horrible game called The Plague where if you touch him, you have 30 seconds to wash your hands. But it is more the backstabbing by people he thought were his friends that got me.


I don’t want to give too much more away incase I ruin the book for you. There is a movie of this book just released but judging from the trailer I don’t know it will be heart-wrenching enough. This book legit makes you walk around thinking about Auggie, you start acting kinder to people you don’t know, and generally start to see yourself in a different light.

Please read this book. It will change your life. Buy it here from Book Depository.




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  1. I want to read this book, but on the other hand I worry about what it will do to me emotionally. Just reading reviews about it or watching the book trailer can shake me up emotionally. I’m trying to work up the courage!


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