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Book Chat – Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty


Right. Before we go any further, this is a review of the book – not the show. Although I have seen the show, and I enjoyed it a lot, the book is much better. So you might as well just keep reading.

I picked this book up at a train station in Melbourne. And it soon became one of those books that I couldn’t put down. Every page offered more drama and more gossip and it brought out my inner gossip girl.

Where do we even start? This novel twists and turns through so many lives of the residents of Pirriwee, focusing around a set of mothers and their very young children. We know from the start that something happens at the school trivia night, and that is backed up by interview questions and answers that are woven through-out the novel.


Within the mothers bitching about eachother, they also have their own personal hells to deal with. There is domestic violence, affairs, new romances, old ones falling apart and strong men who adore their crazy wives. But it isn’t all that hard to follow.

Jane is a newbie to the township and she brings with her a son named Ziggy. Early on, Ziggy is accused of hurting Amabella and quickly the mums take sides. Here we form two groups of friendships, all playing mindgames with the other. The big focus is on the lies. So many lies. Each women lying to her friend and herself.

It is also witty. Madeline is quite a strong force and the children have some great little one-liners that make you chuckle. The ending in this book is sooooo much better than the show. More violent, intense, and everything comes flooding out and fits into place and is super satisfying.


If you enjoyed the show then you will love the book so much more. You can buy it here from the Book Depository.


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  1. I’m kind of surprised that the ending to the book is more violent than the show! I haven’t watched or read it, but I feel like shows often up-play the action and down-play everything else. It’s interesting that they downplayed the action on this one, at least in that regard.


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