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Book Chat – Tales From The Back Row by Amy Odell


For many years I have been quietly obsessed with anything in the fashion magazine industry. I’ve absorbed every ounce of information about Anna Wintour, have read anything with Vogue written on the cover, and have seen Devil Wears Prada enough times to know the script word for word.

So when I found Amy’s book tucked in the clearance section of a bookstore, I knew I had to have it. And it is also my first book I’ve completed for 2018!

Amy gives us an insight into the fashion world from someone who knew very little about it. She explains street styling, high fashion sweat pants, and how the world of blogging has moved in on the fashion world whether they like it or not.


I really enjoyed that Amy made fun of fashion and how crazy it can be. She took an interest in street style – essentially bloggers who dress in the most fashion of fashion to get their photo taken outside a fashion show – and tried her luck at it without really knowing what she was doing. And it worked!

My next favourite part was an entire chapter dedicated to the godess of fashion – Anna Wintour. Amy was invited to interview for a position at Vogue which required many hours of prep time including a change of outfit (do not wear head-to-toe black), plus her hair and makeup professionally done. FYI, Anna likes it if you are cultured and intelligent and will hire you if you go to museums.


One day I want to be just as in control and awesome as Anna.

Finally, and here is probably the most juicy part of the book, Amy dishes the dirt on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Now, here in New Zealand, it airs at random times during the year, if at all. But I have found out in the US, it airs just prior to Christmas and is essentially a 2 hour long advertisment for lingerie you can’t buy in their store. But as you can imagine, their sales skyrocket because of it.


Amy gets to interview some models, and has an interesting theory around who gets to wear the multi-million diamond bra each season. She goes backstage at one of the shows and we find out what a bizarre experience that is. We find out about what they really eat before a show, and how their lives revolve around vanity.

Amy covers a lot in her book, and I think it is a brilliant insight into a fashion world that most of us only see from behind our screens. And if you love fashion, gossip or the glamour of the high-flying magazine world, then you can buy a copy of Tales From The Back Row here at Book Depository.


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