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About today: 14\2\18

I havn’t written in a while. But truth be told, I’ve just been too busy concentrating on writing my YA novel, and work.

I was the manager of the bookstore I work at for the last month. It was fun and challenging and I really hope I can be a manager of my own store in the future. There were things that were amazing, like arranging for a customer who was overcharged to get her money back plus a free book, and she emailed to say how awesome I was. Then there were bad things, like recognizing that some of our staff were stealing stock, and having to have that conversation with my boss about what I’ve noticed.

It’s all a learning experience, but I am glad to have the manager back so I can go back to being assistant manger, and we have bounce ideas off eachother and work together as a team. Cause managing a store alone is tough and lonely. You can’t talk to your staff about what is going on. And no one other than your staff understands what you are talking about, so venting to my husband didn’t get the desired effect.

One of the things I have to do at work are returns. This is when we take books that are old, or are being re-vamped with a new cover, or are changing from a trade paperback to a regular one, and send them back to the supplier. Sometimes this is super easy, like doing the lonely planet guides which change each year, because we only stock a couple of each one. But for the likes of Penguin and Allen & Unwin, I usually have four pages full of stock to find, de-sticker, sometimes cover rip, but always have to scan individually and send back. It’s back-breaking work – have you ever had to lift a large box full of books over and over again? I defo do not need to go to the gym!

Today I did my return for A&U, and it was frustrating not being able to find all the stock for the return. This happens a lot; sometimes books are stolen, or we are invoiced for them and they don’t arrive. Sometimes we put stock into clearance and they get sold under another code. So I look at my sheet and see all these gaps and think ‘damn it, did that really get stolen? Who steals a book about the Pacific Ocean?!’

Today was Valentines Day. I came home to a freshly baked cake and a lovely bunch of six red roses. My hubby always spoils me. But it was fun watching the men at work buying their cards and gifts. Some of them took ages to chose which card was perfect. Others bought cards and books, but most of them got cards. I enjoy seeing which ones they picked cause it gives you a really small insight into what they are like and who their partner is. Some guys bought the ones with flowers and roses on them, some bought the ones which have cartoons and come with a little badge. It’s nice to see, and it gives you warm fuzzies.

I’m going to treat this blog a bit like a diary now, so I hope to be able to sit down at work or at home and write about my day working in a bookshop. But for now, I’m off to bed to read my book. I’m reading a new release called The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah who also wrote The Nightingale (my next read if I can find a reading copy at work.)


Hayleigh xx


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Bookstore Manager by day, reader and writer by night.
I enjoy:
reading books,
touching books,
stacking books,
writing books,
talking about books,
other people who work with books,
sniffing books and photographing books.

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