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Roadshow Time!

Part of my job working in a bookstore involves going to the roadshows held by the different publishers. It’s probably the best part of my job; I get free books in the goodie bags and spend an hour getting all the info on the books being released in the upcoming […]

Sunday Vent Day

Remember my post a week or so ago about how the setup for the Super Sale was a complete fucking nightmare? And that I couldn’t so much as put a piece of card in a bookshelf correctly? Well my friends, it has happened again. Let’s rewind back to Wednesday. Twas […]

I am being super naughty

Tehehehe. This is a secret so don’t tell anyone! I am currently reading an embargoed book. Yip, a book came in on Sunday, it gets released on Friday and I couldn’t wait to read it! So I sneakily took a copy home and have been very delicately reading it. But […]

Shouldn’t she be, like, dead?

Cat Marnell. I cannot stop thinking about you. Your book, your life, those drugs, oh my! How is it that someone so epically fucked up has managed to squeeze their way into my daily thoughts? This is Cat. Incredible writer and beauty editor, but also heavily addicted to all kinds […]

Potter News

Muggles world-wide have rejoiced this week with the announcement of two new Harry Potter books. It has been 20 wonderful, magic-filled, Voldemort-fighting years since the original release of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, and to mark that achievement, we are getting Harry Potter: A History of Magic and Harry […]